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Join Still I Run for the Cookie 5K & Walk

On June 10 a few of us from Still I Run participated in the Brian Diemer 5K. The course was flat, the music along the route was really good, and I got to meet a few of you in person! I think we all had such a good time, that I’d like to share with you that we have discount codes for yet ANOTHER race. This one involves cookies and running around Robinette’s Orchard in Grand Rapids. On Saturday, July 22, you’re invited to come run the Team Orphans Cookie 5K & Walk with  ...

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Running for Mental Health at the Fifth Third River Bank Run

In December of 2016, Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services reached out to me to see if I wanted to help them raise money as a charity partner for the Fifth Third River Bank Run. Pine Rest was chosen as one of six charity partners for the 40th Annual River Bank Run and since Still I Run is… well… running related, they wanted to know if I’d like to form a team to run the race. As a team, we would help raise money for the Pine Rest Patient Assistance Fund. If  ...

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Meet the Women from Phoenix Rising!!

A couple weeks ago I wanted to know how to make Still I Run feel more like a community. To do that, I knew I had to turn to the people that make up the community, so I posed the question on our Facebook page. I got a ton of great responses including athletic apparel, virtual runs, community runs and more and I hope to act on those soon. But one suggestion I got, that I could act on right away, was to get a local team together for the Hope Network One in Five Marathon Relay. This is a relay  ...

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Tips on How to Incorporate Mindfulness While Running

Mindfulness is something that can benefit everyone. It’s a great way to ground yourself while shutting out all of the distractions in life. If you’ve never tried it before, mindfulness is just the act of focusing on what is going on both internally and externally at that VERY moment. There’s no looking ahead to the future, or remembering things from the past. It is merely you, there, in the moment. Now, you’re probably wondering what the big deal is about  ...

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