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Let’s Talk Prenatal Depression – It’s More Common Than You Know

Note: So, heads up to the males reading this blog post. This is a post about prenatal depression. Generally, I like to keep topics on Still I Run relevant for both genders, but I really felt the need to speak about this depression during pregnancy. It’s something that the women in your life can experience, but it’s a topic that’s talked about even less than just “normal” mental health. Even though this topic has to do with pregnancy, I hope you’ll stick  ...

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Sharing my story of depression and how running helps

A few weeks ago I thought I’d reach out to the Still I Run community to see if anyone wanted to share their story of mental health and running. Jason was someone that answered the call. When reading over his story for the first time, I couldn’t believe how much I related to his story. Yes, our stories are very different, but at the same time, so much the same. I have a feeling that no matter what your experience with mental health is, you’ll relate to Jason’s story  ...

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Learning to manage my anxiety and panic attacks with running

Michael was one of the very first people to like us on Facebook and he’s been such a great cheerleader for the cause ever since! He’s always passing along awesome videos and articles about mental health my way AND he even tattoo’d the Run Arrows design on his leg. I’m so in awe at Michael’s tenacity and will to run no matter what. I hope you enjoy his journey with running and mental health as much as I do! Thank you, Michael! I started running in August of 2012  ...

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Kristle Lowell – Let’s Get Rid of the Stigma Around Taking Medication

On a regular basis, Still I Run ambassador Kristle Lowell shares with us her journey with mental health. Kristle is a World Champion Trampoline Gymnast who deals with her anxiety and depression in the public eye. Here’s her most recent post about the shame and stigma surrounding medication for mental health. Almost every mental health patient who takes medication has lived this moment. We look over at the clock and realize it’s time to take our medication. So we slip away to the  ...

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